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The Agent emailed me the Contract - NOW WHAT?!

The Agent emailed me the Contract - NOW WHAT?!

With the increase of modern technology and the ease of being able to email, many Agents are now emailing through the Contract to be signed once your offer has been accepted. 

The first thing I would suggest you do is contact your Conveyancer! Your Conveyancer is a qualified professional who is there to guide you through every step of the way. They will ask you a few questions to get a feel of what needs to be in the Contract to protect your interests and will then ask you to forward the email and your offer to them so that they can peruse it. After it has been checked over you will be notified of the important points and if it is okay to go ahead and sign.  

Once you have signed the Contract with your witness, it can then be scanned and emailed back to the Agent. But please check the copy first, make sure you have scanned all the pages (which are normally numbered at the bottom of the page) and that the quality you are sending back is clear and able to be read. The Agent will then arrange for the Vendor to sign the same document and will return a fully signed copy to you as soon as possible.    

At this point in time you have now entered a legally binding Contract and it is time to make a start on getting your pest and building inspection arranged and the finance application into motion!  

From here the next documentation you will receive from the Agent is the Form 1 document. Keep your eyes open for the next blog with information on this!!

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