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Are you getting what you want out of your Hairdresser?

Are you getting what you want out of your Hairdresser?

Think about the last time you went to the hairdresser or barber, once the service was done and you walked out of the salon how did you feel? Were you completely satisfied with how you were treated and how they did your hair?

Did they listen to you? Were you told what products they used on you without the pressure to buy? What did you think about the cost of the whole service?

All these are questions we should be asking ourselves every time we go to the Salon, but for some reason we don't and for many clients they just accept this kind of treatment but why? You wouldn't keep going to the same Mechanic if they over charged you, pressured you into spending unnecessary money on parts or servicing you know you didn't need so why do clients feel so inclined to keep going to the same person for their hair needs?

Loyalty - loyalty is the number one feeling that stops clients from switching Hairdressers. If the only thing that's stopping you from going somewhere else is loyalty - then ask yourself what a truly loyal hairdresser would be like in return.  They would never let you walk out the salon unsatisfied and not 100% in love with the outcome. In order for someone to be loyal to you they have to know and understand you, right? So shouldn't your hairdresser know you enough to understand when you are not happy with your hair?

Now that we have established the loyalty factor the next thing is skill. What if the new hairdresser is a complete amateur and doesn't have the right skill to do what I want? First thing you should do is research. Research the potential salon via social media because social media is a true representation of their work. You will be able to see its popularity, following and most importantly reviews and pictures. One that is established, any good salon should give free consultations. Why don't you book in for one and use it to see if the potential hairdresser is talking the same hair language as you and while you're at it take the time to absorb in the salons atmosphere. If you like what you see, why not give it a go?

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