Our Journey... From Corporate Life to Helping Business Owners

Hi! Wayne Armstrong and Will Fulton here... the founders of The Local Business Network. 

While we didn’t know each other at the time, 2003 proved an important year for both of us as we each moved on from corporate life into our own businesses – with our primary focus being to help business owners.

Prior to that time, Wayne spent 11 years with Flight Centre and enjoyed managing a number of stores on the Gold Coast, in both the Flight Centre retail and Corporate Divisions (while perpetually planning his next holiday!) During this time he won numerous store and individual awards including #1 Travel Consultant Worldwide.

At the same time, Will was managing a company that supplied food products for supermarkets and companies like Air New Zealand… Hiring, firing and negotiating with big players was the sharp end of business with a boss who was a ball-breaker! Any academic snobbery was beaten out of him as a result. Next job; a 7 year vertical climb to Sales and Marketing Manager with a beverage company overseeing 120 staff.

Helping Business Owners

Then in 2003 Wayne and Will, like many in Corporate life, felt the need to expand and challenge themselves further and chose to build their own businesses rather than building someone else's. Perhaps this sounds familiar to you as well?

Wayne formed an education based networking group on the Gold Coast.Over the next 5 years the networking group grew to over 150 business owners who participated in monthly Business Speaker events, Boardroom 

Groups and Business Forums. Wayne really enjoyed helping and connecting with his members. They in turn gave him a real insight into the plight and challenges of many Business Owners…particularly what was going on under the surface, which seemed to be in stark contrast to how they appeared from the outside!!

At the same time Will was establishing himself in self employment… he went on an Entrepreneurs boot-camp and promptly purchased 13 flats (complete with dodgy tenants!) and a hair dressing salon. Hired a salon manager, re-branded, gave it a nice paint job and experimented with how to get the salon making money. He had some good wins, learned plenty and eventually sold all the flats and the salon to concentrate on becoming a Business Coach. He bought a franchise and started working with business owners in Auckland, helping over 200 clients and winning Coach of the Year for Australasia in 2007. He developed a fail-safe system to get great client results and decided to build a platform so others could get similar results.

Business Marriage Celebrants

Fast forward to 2008. Our paths joined when we became partners in a Consulting Business. We provided the tools, resources and training for ex-corporates who, like us, wanted to help business owners. Since then we’ve found loads of great people from across Australia and New Zealand who want to do the same.

Sometimes we jokingly describe our role as being like “business marriage celebrants”. We like to find great people and bring them together... on one hand we have the business owners who work hard to provide for themselves and their families, and on the other we have the people with the passion and skills to help them.

The Local Business Network

While we’re able to help business owners through our network of Advisors, we still feel like we’re only scratching the surface. Our passion it to reach more people… to have a positive impact on local business communities.

The answer… The Local Business Network.

There are 3 key benefits for it's members:

  • Promote
  • People
  • Profits

Through the On-Line Directory you have a new way to advertise and promote your business into your local community… and it’s Free!  But it’s not just about posting a listing. We actually work with you on marketing yourself so that you stand out from your competitors.

Plus it’s more than just a Directory. You also have the opportunity to connect and network in person with the other members… the business people in your community. This provides plenty of new opportunities to build relationships and do business together.

And ultimately, the goal is to help you increase the profits in your business... so that you receive all the rewards that you deserve for your efforts!